Remember when?

Shannon Lawson Suit 

Pictured: Shannon Lawson posing for the Chevy presents An American Revolution Tour in 2005.

Shannon’s song, Goodbye on A Bad Day can be found on the Chase The Sun album.


6 Responses to Home

  1. shan says:

    It is a pleasure to know you, you have an amazing talent, for music,its meaning and for knowing how something as simple as a song can have a life changing impact on someone’s life. I sincerely hope the dream within you never fades. YEE–HAW!

  2. chris elpers says:

    Hey brother Hippy Chris here! Hope all ai well with you. I’m doin good up here in Mpls. If you see Megan Bartram tell her I miss her. Thanks -Chris 612-203-5403

  3. Russ Davis says:

    Shannon, remember what i asked homecomin? i got somethin i need to send to you to proof read maybe put music to it, it isnt 100% complete, but i cant msg u on facebook.

  4. Cynthia Donaldson says:

    Man we miss you in Louisville! I’ve been listening to the Acoustic Living Room Sessions recently (and several times today:)), and I just miss hearing that voice live so much. I used to come to practically every show for the years you played here – both the Blues band and the Galoots. I have danced on many a table, chair, and dance floor to your music. You wouldn’t recognize my name, but you would probably know me if you saw me. What a crush I had on you and your talent :). Hope you come see us again soon – I would even venture out to a bar again to see you and relive the old days!

  5. Bethany says:

    Is Shannon touring any this year? My boyfriend is a HUGE fan and I would love to take him to a Shannon Lawson show for our 3 year anniversary.

  6. Ginger Edwards says:

    Shannon, Ginger from L’ville. Going to be in Nashville Jan.
    11&12..you playing anywhere?

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